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CFDO - Cash Flow Diary Online

1. Goals

  1.1 Technical Features

    1.1.1 Web-based multi-user accounting software
    1.1.2 Asp.Net 3.5 server-side technology
    1.1.3 ADO.Net for database access
    1.1.4 OOP and Design Pattern
    1.1.5 Integrates multiple database platforms
    1.1.6 3-Tier architecture
    1.1.7 Extended from open source modules (Starter kits)

  1.2 Suitable target market

    1.2.1 Wild spenders, people who are always broke by the end of the month.
    1.2.2 Card slaves, people who can only pay the minimum credit card balance and owe more and more interest.

2. Scope

  2.1 Object-Oriented Programming
  2.2 Design Pattern
  2.3 3-Tier Architechture

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